Top 10 Low Dander Shedding Dogs For Allergy Sufferers (Hypoallergenic breeds)

Pet dander is a common cause of allergic rhinitis (affects 800 million people.) Some people are allergic to hair. But most allergic reactions are due to Dander. Small Dog Breeds That Shed very less dander.

Dander is flakes on dog’s skin or saliva.

So we neeed to consider 3 factors while choosing a good dog for allergic people.

1. Less Dander
2. Less Saliva (drooling)
3. Less Shedding
4. Size of the dog (Bigger the dog more the dander & shedding)

Saint Bernards and Bulldogs Are Known for Excessive Saliva & German Shepherd’s Dry Skin. Boston Terriers Suffer With Allergies and Mucus

10. Terriers with non-shedding double layered coat.
They need to be Hand stripped about twice a year

Airedale Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Kerry Blue Terriers

9. Portuguese Water Dog
8. Poodle
7. Afghan Hound – If you want a large dog that sheds less and good for allergic people. Get this dog.
6. Labradoodle – This dog was bred in Australia to be good service dog
5. Bichon Frise
4. Maltese – This is a small dog with less dander and shedding. Ideal for small house and apartments.
3. Some dogs are also hairless with less to no dander. Chinese Crested Dogs; Xloloitzcuintli “show-low-eats-queen-tlee; American Hairless Terrier; Argentine Pila
2. Schnauzers
1. Italian Greyhound

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