Taking Care Of New Born to Young Puppies

A newborn puppy needs more attention and care. And it also needs constant feeding and more sleep than an adult dog. When you bring a new born puppy to your home the first thing you want to do is get the dog insurance. A new born puppy is very weak and it needs all the nutrients to prevent health problems. You would need dog insurance just in case if your puppy falls ill or any other complications. Having insurance will cover the vet bill, you will be out of stress and you can concentrate more on your puppy. If you have the mother dog, then it is very good. Let the puppy have mom ’s milk and you should constantly check if the pup had milk or not. It is very important that your pup to drink mother’s milk within first 12 hours of birth.

In case you don’t have the mother dog, then you should go to pet supplies to check what is available as a supplement. Get all the supplies which are required for taking car of puppy. It is important to keep the pup warm in first few weeks, you can get blankets and puppy beds which will serve your purpose. In 1st couple of weeks, always keep the pup inside a customized dog basket with comfortable soft bed sheets, fresh, sterilize blanket and a night dimmed lamp to make your puppy warm. The best temperature for new born puppies is within 97 degrees.

Visit a vet and ask what’s the best nutrients for young puppies. Always make sure that, you feed the pups with a baby bottle atleast every 2 hours in it’s first 48 to 72 hours. Just like your baby, pat them slowly on their back after feeding and allow them to burp. After few weeks you can feed them puppy cereals. As I mentioned earlier, a new born puppy is just like your baby, do everything that you would do for your baby. Consult a vet or local pet store to get more tips for taking care of the puppy. They are the experts, so they will know more things about it than you. You should take your puppy to vet clinics for regular check ups and to know the continuous changes that are going to be seen in your pup. When they start growing teeth, you should give them a chewing toy to make it feel better with your happy pets.

Factors to consider that your puppy’s eyes are fine and there is no discharge from the eyes of puppy. Make sure the eyes are wide open and seem to alert visually. Make sure the puppy’s ears don’t possess any blockage or any doubtful release from ears as well. If you see anything like that, you should immediately take the pup to clinic and make sure it doesn’t have any infection. Finally, dog training is very important thing to remember, you should train your puppy and teach all the dog commands properly. So , a fresh born puppy take lot of your time in looking after them, so before choosing a puppy as your pet, be ready for the commitment and all of the problems that you might have to face.

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