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Dog Training For Duty

Dog as a matter of fact got the status of being man’s best friend for the reason that they are caring, intelligent and at the time of crisis they are willing to risk their lives for their human friends. Besides being cuddly companions, dogs can be trained to perform extraordinary …

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Beagle Puppy Training Made Easy

The first step you can do when you bring your beagle puppy home is to make him used to with the family members of the house but don’t overwhelm the pup with too many visitors until he has settled in the home and know who exactly the owner is. Let …

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Helping Your Dog With Dog Training

There are many good reasons you need to give your dog the long lasting gift of dog training in NYC or dog training Philadelphia. This schooling is a long last gift that your dog will definitely value, appreciate and use for many years to come. Your dog’s trainer can help …

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Dog Training is Not For Dogs!

The reality of what actually goes on in a dog training class is the owner is trained on leadership skills. A credible trainer effectively demonstrates how willingly and spontaneously dogs follow the strongest influence in their life. They then educate the owner how to project that strength to their pet; …

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Training Tips

As a trainer, it’s part of your role to get people in a receptive state for learning and to keep them engaged, interested and energised throughout the training.   There are lots of ways to do this, I won’t go into all of them here. Let me just talk about …

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