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Your Puppy and Its Need to Chew

It’s one of the most natural occurrences for puppies to chew. When puppies are teething, chewing is especially good for them as it helps them to develop strong teeth and jaws. Problems might however occur as your puppy will chew on anything they get hold of. What fill follow is …

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What You Will Need For Your Puppy

Before bringing your puppy home for the first time you should obtain some of the following supplies listed in this article. If you prepare well ahead of your puppy’s arrival, you will have more time to get to know your new puppy. Get your puppy a bowl that will not …

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Dogs Need To Chew!

Dog treats manufacturers have created treats in all shapes and sizes. But are they 100% dog friendly? Im sure youve tried giving your dog rawhide (pig or cow skin). Pigs ears are quite famous as well. In a realistic point of view, its the chewing sensation they enjoy and not …

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Why Dogs Need Exercise

Dogs are just like any dog, including humans, and need to exercise in order to stay in shape, live a healthy life, and stay at a healthy weight. Dogs can gain weight, become obese and suffer from overweight related diseases just like humans. Along with exercise a healthy diet is …

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Puppy Facts You Need to Know

If you’re considering bringing a new puppy into your household for the first time, there are several puppy facts worth knowing. You can get a new puppy from a breeder, a pet store, or even a friend or neighbor. Getting one from a puppy mill should be avoided, as you …

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