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From Wolves to Dogs

Following is a possible scenario for how our modern day dogs came to be such a part of our human existance. Some scientists say it began over 10,000 years ago. Somewhere, someplace an early human found a litter of wolf puppies she simply couldn’t pass up. In the litter was …

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How to Groom Your Dog From Home

Many dog owners today find themselves looking for a non intrusive, easy way for grooming. Having a system in place for: Nail Trimming, Cleaning ears, Clipping hairs, Skin and Coat Care, Keeping your dog’s eyes clean, Brushing your pet’s teeth, and fighting “dog smell” is a must for most caring …

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Tips For Getting A Dog From Dog Breeders

One thing you must know before you bring home a puppy is they are fast learners. That makes an early training paramount prior to housebreaking a puppy, which is exposing the puppies to constructive socialization and toilet-training. Dog breeders with a fair amount of knowledge on the canine psychology will …

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Puppy Watching From Home Security Cameras

A dog is a man’s best friend. They are loyal, they are your walking buddy, playful, and protective. A dog loving couple was excited to move into their new home with a big yard for their two new English setter puppies. The couple was curious about the puppy adventures their …

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Finding Allergy Relief from Pollen

Allergies caused by pollen are one of the most popular discomforts that millions of people suffer. Many who fall victim to it try their best to prevent it, which is not that easy, because pollen is everywhere. If you suffer from pollen allergies, the best way to fight it is …

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