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What Are The Reasons Behind Allergies On Dogs

Like human beings, dogs too can be allergic to some food or things. In fact, there are three types of allergies common in dogs. These three types of allergies are contact allergy, inhalant allergy and bacterial or flea allergy. Symptoms of these allergies include coughing, sneezing, itching and wheezing. As …

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An Overview of Common Food Allergies

As our doctors’ capabilities for recognizing and diagnosing health issues increase with the rise in medical diagnostic techniques, more and more food allergies are being discovered. What was once considered a sour stomach may actually be a sensitivity to milk products. Once you know about a food allergy, you can …

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Types Of Food Allergies

Suffering from food allergies suggests that your own body overreacts to a particular substances contained in a kind of food. The circumstance is also referred to as food hypersensitivity. Among the typical signs are the burning and itching around the mouth, vomiting, eczema, and asthma. Researches reveal that virtually 90% …

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Remedies For Skin Allergies

To avoid any sort of skin problem, one should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day to keep dry skin well hydrated. Along with it, eat a high quality healthy diet rich in fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables; get some exercise and the secret 8-hour sleep …

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