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About Latex Allergy Symptoms, Signs, Causes

There are many things that a latex allergy sufferer should avoid and some of these things are: balloons, latex gloves, certain medical syringes, elastic bands and latex condoms. Certain foods, particularly fruits, contain latex which can set off reactions. Bananas, especially, are recommended to be avoided as well as pineapple, …

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The Sad Truth About Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are the subject of great controversy for animal activists and legitimate breeders all over the United States. They are mass breeding facilities that produce numerous adorable puppies from a few mothers and studs. While there is nothing wrong with this, baby dogs raised in mills often have their …

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Learn About Chronic UTI in Dogs

When dealing with chronic UTI in dogs it is important to understand the condition, its causes, and the treatments that can help control the problem. Anything less and you may find yourself treating your chronic UTI dogs symptoms without ever actually dealing with the underlying causes of infection. The most …

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The Facts About Dog Food Allergies

Dog food allergies are additional common than most folks realize, and true allergies (as opposed to sensitivities/intolerances) usually manufacture skin irritations and issues instead of digestive upsets. Symptoms of food allergies in dogs will seem at intervals a short time of eating a particular food, or take weeks, months or …

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All About Pancreatitis in Dogs

Pancreatitis in dogs is similar to pancreatitis in other mammals, including humans. The pancreas is an organ that is in back of the stomach and it is the first segment of the small intestine. It produces the hormone, insulin, which is used to help the body regulate sugar or glucose …

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