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The Shih Tzu is a toy canine breed recognized for having silky, flowing hair and are stated to have originated in Tibet after which afterward developed in China.

Whereas there are numerous hypotheses on the breed’s origins, the Shih Tzu is believed to be historic and to share “shut genetic relationship to wolves.”

Whereas nothing concerning the breed is vicious, the title “Shih Tzu” interprets to “little lion” or “lion canine.”

The Shih Tzu is fairly a loving creature, affectionate and outgoing. They had been genuinely reasonably in style in China and had been prized by Chinese language royals.

The Shih Tzu is often known as the “Xi Shi canine” and by the nickname “Chrysanthemum Canine” in England.

A Beautiful and Soft Shih Tzu

Here’s a cute Shih Tzu for you

Physique Sort

The Shih Tzu is a small canine breed and has a double coat that flows softly that stands not than 10.5 inches.

They incline to hold themselves proudly with heads up and tail winding in the direction of them again.

The top is spherical; the eyes set extensive aside.

Their sometimes heat and pleasant expression reveals how trusting and outgoing they are often in the direction of different folks.

Ears are closely furry and dropped.

The physique is short-coupled, with neither waist nor tuck-up.

The chest is broad however not barrel-chested.

Shoulders are well-angulated, the forelegs straight and muscular with elbows near the physique.

The pattern must be perpendicular, the paws agency and well-padded.

The dewclaws of the forequarters could also be eliminated.

The hindquarters are proportional to the forequarters, with legs muscular and straight when seen from the again, the hocks forming a 90 diploma angle.

Dewclaws of the hindquarters could also be eliminated, as effectively.

Shih Tzu at a Christmas party in 2015.

A cute couple of Shih Tzu celebrating Christmas Season


The coat is dense, double-coated, and flows elegantly down their our bodies when given correct grooming. They’re often active and silky, though wavy or coarse jacket shouldn’t be unusual.

Whereas the Shih Tzu doesn’t shed on the similar diploma as another canine breed, their coat does are likely to fall out when brushed or damaged.

However, day by day brushing and brushing is beneficial to stop tangles, mainly if you happen to determine to maintain their coat lengthy.

A weekly bathtub is helpful, as effectively.

You could wish to begin grooming your buddy as early into his/her puppyhood as attainable.

Future grooming classes could be extra careful for the each of you if you happen to skilled him/her to lie on his/her facet as you sweep using the coat.

Brushing tends to change into much less of trouble because the Shih Tzu grows into a grownup because the coat turns from being fluffy into being silky.

Bear in mind to brush all the best way all the way down to the pores and skin.

One of the crucial generally uncared for a part of the canine’s physique when grooming could be the ears.

Don’t forget to verify them commonly to keep away from any ear buildup that will lead to an infection.

Frequent brushing of the enamel can also be inspired.


The Shih Tzu might be present in a large assortment of coat colours.

Nonetheless, the American Kennel Membership acknowledges 14 colours for the Shih Tzu’s coat.


  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Blue
  • Blue and White
  • Brindle
  • Brindle and White
  • Gold
  • Gold and White
  • Liver
  • Liver and White
  • Purple
  • Purple and White
  • Silver
  • Silver and White

The AKC additionally acknowledges three markings, that are:

  • Black markings
  • Black masks
  • Tan markings


The little lion’s temperament could differ from one Shih Tzu to a different. Nonetheless, they’re often loyal, affectionate, alert, and extremely smart.

Like for every other canine breed, it’s essential to start out coaching your canine and form their socializing abilities at a younger age, as coaching could change into more stringent over time.

Their alertness makes them terrific watch canine, though the breed was not mainly developed for that goal.

However, they nonetheless make a great home and household pets, even when your private home doesn’t have a lot area.

They get alongside effectively with different canine and animals and are mild with youngsters.

Other informations

  • The Shih Tzu is often known as the “Chrysanthemum Canine” due to its resemblance to the magnificent flower within the sense that its fur grows outwards from the middle of the face.
  • The breed is often known as “Xi Shi Quan” in China, after one of the crucial lovely girls of historic China: Xi Shi.
  • The Shih Tzu is already thought of an grownup on the age of 1 12 months.
  • They’re additionally adaptable creatures. Even if you happen to determined to maneuver from the town to a rural space, your buddy is most probably going to be effective.
  • Nonetheless, they’re delicate to warmth.

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