Schnoodle Puppies and Full Grown Dogs Videos

Watch amazing schnoodle puppies and full grown dogs videos. Funny schnoodle puppies playing, barking, howling, training, schnoodle full grown dogs running while playing with other dogs, a toy schnoodle who can’t make the next step on stairs and more funny videos.
A schnoodle is a domestic dog. It is a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. A schnoodle can take on the coat characteristics of either parent breed, such as the wiry hair of the schnauzer, the softer, curly hair of the poodle, or an intermediary coat. Some schnoodles develop coarser schnauzer-like hair on certain parts of the body (most notably the back) with other softer poodle-like areas. Schnoodle colors include black, white, brown, grey and apricot. Multi-colored dogs can include phantom (which takes on the coloring of a Doberman), black and white, sable or parti.Puppies in the same litter may differ in coat qualities and are hypoallergenic as both schnauzers and poodles are considered hypoallergenic.

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