Maltese – Top 10 Interesting Facts

TOP 10 interesting facts about Maltese, a docile and sweet dog breed.

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The Maltese is the most ancient of the European toy breeds, and among the oldest of all breeds. The island of Malta was an early trading port, visited by Phoenician sailors by 1500 b.c. Maltese dogs are specifically mentioned in writings as early as 300 b.c. Greek art includes dogs of Maltese type from the fifth century on.

One of the brightest and gentlest of the toys, the Maltese is exceedingly playful and enjoys clever games of dexterity such as “pull the hidden toy from under the cabinet with your paw.” Maltese are generally peaceful with the world. Some lines (or some individuals) are more confident and outgoing, while some are more standoffish or cautious.

The Maltese is a toy dog breed that has a compact and square body. It is entirely covered with silky, long, flat and white hair that, if allowed to grow to full length, hangs nearly to the ground. Its expression is both alert and gentle. As a vigorous dog, the Maltese moves with a smooth, lively, and flowing gait; it may even appear as the dog is actually floating on the ground when it is trotting.

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