Is there such issue as a hypoallergenic doggie?

Is there such issue as a hypoallergenic doggie?

Allergy sufferers who all also want to become dog owners have traditionally opted for breeds like Labradoodles, Bichon Frises, and Border Terriers. While these canines certainly don’t shed normally as others, it seems that new study has found that the thought of a hypoallergenic doggie might be completely false.

According to, a recently available research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology performed by experts in Utrecht University tested 200 supposedly hypoallergenic dogs with 160 standard canines and examined hair and coat samples. In both organizations, the Can f 1 allergen, a protein that stimulates allergic reactions, had been the same. While experts speculated that those who choose hypoallergenic dogs most likely kept their homes very much cleaner, they figured both groups would ultimately accumulate allergens that may trigger reactions and asthma. With this thought, potential pet parents can still produce an environment that may reduce their allergic symptoms while still offering superior quality of life for their companions. Below are a few tips to bear in mind from

1. Regular vacuuming. The build-up of dirt, mold and pet dander can enjoy a major role in increasing allergies, so pup parents will have to go the excess mile to maintain their homes clean. Vacuuming and dusting every few days can make a huge difference in reducing your possibility of an allergic attack.

2. Clean your linens. One of the places which can be a haven for dirt mites and other potential triggers is certainly your bed. Try to wash your sheets, pillow cases and blankets in hot water each week to refresh your linens each week.

3. Brush your pet often. Even canines that are supposedly hypoallergenic have to have their coats groomed every occasionally, but when you have allergy symptoms, this should be a main pet wellness concern. Producing regular grooming appointments will certainly reduce the amount of family pet dander in your house and keep your dog looking great.

4. Use an air cleanser. Pet dander is much more likely to be kicked up around your house if the dampness in the atmosphere is too low, therefore consider purchasing an air cleanser or a humidifier. Optimally, something with a HEPA filtration system that may trap pet allergens may be the best choice to create your home a lot more hospitable through the peak of the allergy time of year.

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Have you got a “hypoallergenic” pup and have problems with canine related allergies? You want to know in the event that you personally have observed fewer symptoms while around these breeds.

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