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Tips to Persuade Your Dog to Love His New Pet Stroller

Do you want to buy a pet stroller but you wonder if your dog would like it or not? Most dog owners soon realize that their dogs adjust quickly to the pet strollers, but if you are still not sure what exactly to buy, here are some tips for you which can help you in your choice and to encourage your dog to learn to love their pet stroller.

You should use only when you are outside. If you use it only when you both are out, your dog will associate the with the nice walks and will adjust quickly to it. After a few walks, when your dog sees the stroller it will be a signal for him that you are going out and he will welcome it with pleasure. On the other hand, if you use it indoors your dog would feel confined, especially if you put him there as a punishment after being naughty.

It is good idea if there is an area where your dog feels well, leave him alone with the pet stroller to investigate it on their own. It will be smarter if you put some dog snacks inside. He will be excited to find them and he will feel even feel so comfortable soon he might take a nap in the dog stroller. Then the moment when your dog will take his first ride in it is not far. It is important to lock the stroller wheels to avoid rolling away if your dog jumps in, because this will slow down the process of adjustment.

Treat your dog the first few times being in the pet stroller. It is very important for the dog to associate the dog stroller with pleasant feelings to start to love it.

When you first put your dog in the stroller, choose calm and quiet places for your walks. After your dog is used to it, then the time to take him in busy and crowded place has come.

Do not get frustrated that your dog does not adjust as quickly as you want to the stroller because he may feel your anger and thus he will associate his with negative emotions. To make your dog love his stroller, you should be very patient with your pet.

When you talk to your dog about his pet stroller use a happy and soft tone of voice. Soon your dog will understand that the is fun after a couple trips.

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