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Easy Tips and Tricks For Homemade Raw Dog Food

The market offer s lot of options when it comes to feeding your dog. Dry, canned and even raw dog food is all available in store shelves. However, since homemade raw dog food can still be the best option for your dog because of its benefits many dog owners still opt to go with this.

Making your dog’s meals at home from ingredients that you purchase is not all that difficult. Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to feeding your dog with homemade raw food.

Buy and make in bulk! You don’t want to have to keep buying food every time that you need to feed your dog. If you freezer has the space then it will be good idea to a large amount at one time and prepare it. You can then store this in your freezer for use when needed.  
Pack your homemade raw dog food individually. Let’s say that you have made your dog food in bulk. Measure out the food all at once and put it in zip lock bags so that you can just take out one bag at a time per feeding.  
Make several different mixes. Instead of having your dog eat the same mix of food all the time, try making different mixes. Store these in zip lock bags that have been labeled and just rotate the different mixes so that your dog gets a variation in nutrients and taste as well.  
Give your dog treats. You don’t have to skip the treats just because you put your dog on a raw food diet. You can make homemade raw dog food treats by cutting up pieces of meat into smaller pieces and putting it into a dehydrator. You get small chew bits of meat that are still in essence, raw.  
Don’t leave out the offal. You may not want to eat the internal organs of an animal, but your dog surely won’t mind. Offal is a good source of needed nutrients for your dog so go ahead and mix it into its food.  
Dogs need vegetables and fruits too. A balanced diet will have at least 25-40% fruits and vegetables in it so be sure to include these. Mix up chopped up or pureed vegetables and fruits into what you make.  
Include egg shells. Yes, it may be strange, but eggshells are a great source of calcium for your dog. The next time that you mix up a batch of homemade raw dog food and decide to add eggs, don’t dispose of the shells, just put it right in.

Making your own homemade raw dog food, isn’t really hard nor is it complicated with these tips.

To achieve optimal nutrition for your dog, you need to know how much of what type of food to prepare. Learn more about the right BARF regimen (BARF means Bones And Raw Food) and BARF preparation techniques for your dog. A must-read for dog owners who are considering putting their dogs/puppies on a raw food diet.

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