Dogs with Food Allergy, What to Do?


Dogs with Food Allergy, What to Do?

The dog has itching, shakes its head with constancy and rejects its food. According to the veterinarian, they are Dogs With Food Allergy.

The dog’s body reacts when an allergy appears. And the skin is one of the first to resent. Usually, can develop dermatitis.

Other warning signs that alert you of an allergy are vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Therefore, a quick visit to the veterinarian is essential.

“Most food allergies are due to certain proteins present in milks, meats and fish, but there are also some dogs with intolerance to food additives.”

Meats such as veal and lamb, foods like milk and even cereals like wheat are among the foods that most often cause allergic reactions in these pets.

How to act with Dogs with Food Allergy: hypoallergenic diet.

The first step to identify the food that causes allergy to can, you have to subject the animal to a hypoallergenic diet. These diets typically include a source of hydrolyzed proteins and carbohydrates to which the pet has had little or no previous exposure.

If the dog offers some improvement during the hypoallergenic diet, it should be returned to the original diet to confirm that it is the cause of the allergic reaction and more accurately detect which specific ingredient is allergic.

In case the allergy arises, remove the last added ingredient and wait for the symptoms to disappear before moving on to the next ingredient.

In order to avoid accumulating at home kilos of discarded food to which the pet is allergic, the ideal is to perform these hypoallergenic diets with small containers of dog food. Dogs with Food Allergy are few.


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