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Dog and cat pet food, produced in an organic gluten free environment. Full of goodness to give your cat or dog. Grain free dog food and grain free cat food to make your dog healthier.

‘Our aim is to provide high quality food that is full of flavour and full of the necessary nutrients to help your pet lead a healthy life through its various life stages.’

Our food is produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced and best equipped dry pet food manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world.

Assessment of the food grade facility is audited to the same British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards as any other food supplier. It is this Total Quality Management which ensures that every in-coming raw material and every out-going pet food meets the highest quality standards.

Recipes are selected by a team of qualified pet nutritionists from high quality ingredients to ensure pet foods are produced so that they not only healthy and suitable for your pet but are also very competitively priced in today’s market place.

Compare our Grain Free and Super Premium Hypo-Allergenic ranges to other similar products and you will see that our ingredients and prices compare very favourably..

We always welcome feedback from our customers which helps us develop our service and our foods. If you have something which you would like to tell us please e-mail us at and we will get back to you.

Hypoallergenic dog good creates a happy healthy dog.

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