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From wikipedia: The Maltese is a small breed of canine within the Toy Group. It descends from canines originating within the Central Mediterranean Space. The breed identify and origins are typically understood to derive from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta

This historical breed has been recognized by quite a lot of names all through the centuries. Initially referred to as the “Canis Melitaeus” in Latin, it has additionally been recognized in English because the “historical canine of Malta,” the “Roman Women’ Canine,” the “Maltese Lion Canine,” and “Melita” (the previous identify of Malta).[10] The origin of the widespread identify “Cokie” is unknown, however is believed to have originated within the mid-1960s on the U.S. East Coast and unfold in widespread use. This breed has been referred to falsely because the “Bichon”, a reputation that refers back to the household (“small long-haired canine”) and never the breed. The Kennel Membership formally settled on the identify “Maltese” for the breed within the 19th century.[6]

The Maltese is believed to have been descended from a Spitz-type canine discovered among the many Swiss Lake Dwellers and was selectively bred to realize its small measurement. There’s additionally some proof that the breed originated in Asia and is said to the Tibetan Terrier; nonetheless, the precise origin is unknown.[11][12] The canines in all probability made their approach to Europe via the Center East with the migration of nomadic tribes. Some writers imagine these proto-Maltese have been used for rodent management[8][13] earlier than the looks of the breed gained paramount significance.

The oldest report of this breed was discovered on a Greek amphora[14] discovered within the Etruscan city of Vulci, by which a Maltese-like canine is portrayed together with the phrase Μελιταιε (Melitaie). Archaeologists date this historical Athenian product to the a long time round 500 BC.[15] References to the canine can be present in Historic Greek and Roman literature.[16]

Aristotle was the primary to say its identify Melitaei Catelli, when he compares the canine to a mustelid, round 370 BC.[17][18] The primary written doc (supported by Stephanus of Byzantium[7][19][20][21]) describing the small Canis Melitaeus was given by the Greek author Callimachus, round 350 BC.[22] Pliny suggests the canine as having taken its identify from the Adriatic island Méléda;[19] nonetheless, Strabo, within the early first century AD, identifies the breed as originating from the Mediterranean island of Malta,[9][23] and writes that they have been favored by noble girls.[6][20][22][24]

Through the first century, the Roman poet Martial wrote descriptive verses to a small white canine named Issa owned by his buddy Publius.[25] It’s generally thought that Issa was a Maltese canine, and varied sources hyperlink Martial’s buddy Publius with the Roman Governor Publius of Malta,[26] although others don’t establish him.[27]

John Caius, doctor to Queen Elizabeth I, additionally claimed that Callimachus was referring to the island of Melita “within the Sicilian strait” (Malta).[20] This declare is usually repeated, particularly by English writers.[8][28] The canine’s hyperlinks to Malta are talked about within the writings of Abbé Jean Quintin d’Autun, Secretary to the Grand Grasp of the Knights of Malta Philippe Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, in his work Insulae Melitae Descriptio.[29]

Across the 17th and 18th centuries, some breeders determined to “enhance” the breed, by making it smaller nonetheless. Linnaeus wrote in 1792 that these canines have been concerning the measurement of a squirrel.[8][22] The breed almost disappeared and was crossbred with different small canines equivalent to Poodles and miniature Spaniels. Within the early 19th century, there have been as many as 9 completely different breeds of Maltese canine.[8]

Parti-colour and stable color canines have been accepted within the present ring from 1902 till 1913 in England,[30] and as late as 1950 in Victoria, Australia.[31] Nonetheless, white Maltese have been required to be pure white. Colored Maltese may very well be obtained from the south of France.

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