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Think your dog with a sensitive stomach can benefit from natural dog food? Put the pup back in their step with BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet HF dog food. If your pup is showing signs of dog digestive issues, like itchy skin or diarrhea, BLUE natural dog food can help. Their prescription dog food is formulated by scientists and veterinarians and comes in dry dog food and soft dog food recipes to satisfy your pup’s palate. BLUE Natural dog food is a type of hypoallergenic dog food that contains no corn, wheat or soy. It’s also a hydrolyzed dog food for food intolerance and made with readily digestible high protein sources like salmon. What is hydrolyzed protein? It is when water is used chemically break protein into smaller pieces so that it does not trigger food allergies or inflammatory bowel disease in you pet pal. BLUE natural dog food also has pumpkin and kelp, to support the immune system, plus essential fats with great health benefits to keep your furry friend healthy inside and out. So, exactly what are essential fatty acids? Also known as omega fatty acids, they include omega-3 and 6 that work to keep dog skin moisturized and their coat looking shiny and new! Dogs can’t make omega fatty acids themselves, so healthy dogs need to get it from the food they eat. Whatever your pup’s needs are, BLUE Natural dog food will take care of your pup’s digestive health with a taste to keep them satisfied!

Ask your dog’s veterinarian about BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet HF Hydrolyzed for Food Intolerance dog food:

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