Allergic to Dogs? Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dogs to Buy if you have Dog Allergies

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Top 10 hypoallergenic dogs to buy if you have allergies
Even if many people believes that there are completely hypoallergenic dog breeds, the reality is totally different. If it loose a lot of hair, dandruff falls and causes allergy, but there are more suitable breeds that don’t produce reactions in allergic people. This is mainly due to the fact that human beings aren’t allergic to the skin of the dog, but they’re to the dandruff that is detached from the skin, some secretions and to the saliva. So, if you want to identify which dog is right for you, you only have to stay with us to know 10 hypoallergenic dogs to buy if you have allergies.

Number 10 – Maltese
The Maltese is happy, lovely, playful, very intelligent and witty breed, but the best thing is, that doesn’t lose much hair! They’re great pets for anyone with allergies. They have a single layer of fur, similar to human hair, which grows constantly and doesn’t really come off, avoiding allergic reactions.

Number 09 – Samoyed
If you want a fluffly, big and allergic free dog, the Samoyed is the best pet for you. Known to be one of the oldest breeds, they’re are hypoallergenic dogs, because it hardly produces dandruff. They’re pets that need frequent care and attention, but also have a good character, they’re calm and love being in the company of children.

Number 08 – Basenji
These adorable dogs are known for been one of the strangest breeds in ten world. The Basenjis don’t bark, they scream, howl, growl or sing, they also groom themselves like cats, don’t lose hair or throw dandruff, becoming perfect pets for people with allergies.

Number 07 – Giant Schnauzer
Besides being one of the most popular dogs for its beauty, variety of sizes and easy training, the Schnauzer is also the best pet for allergic people due to the amount of hair he loose. If you want a faithful companion, who follows you everywhere and doesn’t leave you, the Schnauzer is your dog. It’s an active and very playful race, who loves to be with both adults and children ready to offer their love.

Number 06 – Poodle
Poodles are incredibly intelligent dogs that don’t lose hair and don’t leave dandruff at home. They’re perfect for anyone with allergies, but their fur needs a lot of attention. But, if this race comes in three sizes, toy, miniature and standard, how you will know which one is the best option? The answer is simple, although it isn’t proven that the smaller version causes less allergies, experts say that probably, due to their size, might be better for your health.

Number 05 – Chinese Crested
Less hair, less allergies. This phrase define this race. If you want to avoid dandruff at all costs, the Chinese Crested Dog is your best option. Its two versions, hairless or powderpuff, are equally perfect for those allergic people. This breed is very playful, alert and intelligent, stands out in the agility courses and they’re also affectionate and attentive with their human family.

Number 04 – Bedlington Terrier
If you still believe that only short hair dogs or whit no hair at all, were the best option, the Bedlington Terrier prove otherwise. With a look similar to lambs, this dog is known for be one of the best breeds for those with allergies. In addition to being practically hypoallergenic, the Bedlington Terrier are small, affectionate, intelligent and cheerful dogs.

Number 03 – Xoloitzcuintli
Just like all the hairless breeds, the Xoloitzcuintli or Xolo, due to its appearance, is not a very popular dog among people. Loyal, alert, intelligent, calm and lovely, this breed is not only perfect for the allergic, due to the little dandruff it produces, but they’re also excellent watchdogs.

Number 02 – Bichon Frize
Raised to be hypoallergenic dogs, the Bichon Frize has a beautiful soft curly coat that traps all the dust and dandruff, which makes them perfect for people with allergies. Cheerful, playful, affectionate and very intelligent, this breed is a great family pet that will fit very well to his new human family.

Number 01 – American Hairless Terrier
You may wonder, what makes this dog the best option against allergies? It is easy! They don’t have hair and don’t produce any dandruff. Recommended by experts as one of the best pets for people with allergies, the American Hairless Terrier is a rare breed, very active, intelligent and lovely. Perfect for huge families, it’s a playful, energetic dog and an excellent companion to train, run and play.

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